Bridge the Ocean – Entrepreneurship

Starting a business, being creative and innovative, or finding a solution to a problem defines entrepreneurship. In October 2022, a group of 6 teachers 12 students from Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands visited the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), Canada as part of the Bridge the Ocean exchange project to learn about entrepreneurship from small business owners, support organizations and mentors. The group visited small businesses focusing on agricultural and food and beverage industries who not only are thriving and offering amazing products and services, but they are thriving in very small communities. The overarching theme from all these business owners was how important community and supporting others is the secret to success.

In the second week of the program, students were presented with a challenge; how can we foster relationships and resources between the 4 countries using an entrepreneurial mindset? To keep with the entrepreneurship theme, the challenge was arranged as a competition. Students were placed in small teams, collaborated over a 48-hour time period and presented their ideas to a group of judges. The winning team was presented a gift pack of local made products from entrepreneurs in Nova Scotia.

The final day was dedicated to debriefing the experience while also celebrating the lasting friendships and memories during the two week program at NSCC Truro Campus. Everyone agreed that being entrepreneurial is about people helping people and that we are all entrepreneurs.

The Bridge the Ocean exchange project is funded by the European Union Erasmus + program and includes 4 partner colleges in Finland, 1 in Denmark and 1 in the Netherlands, NSCC and the New Brunswick Community College. The first BTO exchange took place at Lappia Vocational College in Finland, and the next exchange will take place at Tradium College in Denmark.

Photo Credit: Kelly Clark Fotography

Photo Location: Sugar Moon Farm, Earltown Nova Scotia.

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