Michelle Muis

I been involved in Agriculture and Horticulture industries since I could walk. At a young age my first job was inspecting my Father’s tobacco crops for aphids. Since then I have been growing in greenhouses, farming, and driving combines during harvest season.

I am a faculty alum at NSCC Kingstec, teaching the same horticulture program I graduated from. My passion is Integrated Pest Management, but I teach a variety of programs within the Horticulture Department. Plant Production/Retail Management, Therapeutic Horticulture, Cannabis Soil Science are just a few programs I instruct.
Horticulture has changed drastically over the years. As it changes, I give students the opportunity to expand their
knowledge in current situations. Currently, we have a focus on grow local / buy local, as well as horticulture based social media content and marketing.

Each year I challenge students to grow gigantic vegetables and pumpkins in a worldwide competition that my father and I grow in. It creates a buzz about growing, sadly no student has grown anything bigger than a pie pumpkin – but they are eager to ask questions to keep trying!