Raija Paasimaa

I am a teacher from Vocational College Lappia in Tornio, Finland. I´m working on the field of Business. My subjects are accounting, entrepreneurship, and mathematics. My students are in many ages, youngest are 16 years old but almost half of students are adults. During last ten years I have guided students to entrepreneurship in many ways. In the beginning I was involved in projects which have aimed at entrepreneurship education. But last five years me and my colleague have used Junior Achievement Program. We use Innovation Camp and Company Program. The purpose has always been to learn by doing. The city of Tornio is located on the border between Finland and Sweden therefore we have also cooperated with Swedish schools.

I’m excited about this possibility to take apart Bridge the Ocean project. I`m looking forward to cooperating with other teachers and students, to find new models and ways of teaching and working with in entrepreneurship.