Heli Mylly

Nice to meet you! I´m teacher at Kainuu Vocational college in Kajaani, Finland. I teach entrepreneurship and sustainable development in our school. I´m also interior designer and decorator, and that was my teaching field for 10 years. I just started to coach new “entrepreneurship path”, which started in January 2022. In the path students can go deeper in entrepreneurship, plan or develop their own entrepreneurial dreams, or build new business. Mini companies and their guiding has given great meaning for me since 2008. I want to make possible youngsters’ dreams. Educating other teacher for entrepreneurship education is also a part of my job.

I think I´m quite enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education because last autumn I started to study entrepreneurship in university, Master of Engineering, entrepreneurial studies. That and fulltime work keeps me busy for a while. If I have time after work, home and two teen girls, I might do business…some interior business, because I need to do something with my hands…wallpapering is the most relaxing job I know. I have a part-time company, called Sisustusmylly, as a hobby.

When the spring comes, and peaceful evenings and weekends, you find me doing some SUP (stand up paddling). I don`t know what I´m going to be when I grow up, but one solution is to be a SUP bum in Hawaii.