Ilaria Pivi

Ilaria grew up in a small Italian city about an hour’s drive from the Alps. When in university, she had the opportunity to study in Germany, thanks to the Erasmus Mundi. After completing her BA in Cross-Cultural Communication, she worked in England and Australia. Except for a brief relocation to Switzerland, Ilaria has been living in Atlantic Canada since she moved in 2012 to study a MA in Gender Studies at Memorial University.

Ilaria has 8 years’ experience working in the field of international education, 3 of which spent at NSCC. During her career, Ilaria has recruited international students, supported them academically, created engaging programs as well as supporting them with their housing and arrival needs.

Passionate about learning languages, she speaks Italian, English, French, Spanish and German and she lightens up every time she has the chance to speak one of those. An avid hiker, biker, and body border.