Lappia, Finland

Vocational College Lappia-Powerful Educator in Lapland
Vocational College Lappia is situated in Finnish Lapland by the Swedish border.​ In Vocational College Lappia there are 2900 students, 1300 adult students and 300 staff members. ​

​The college offers education in five branches, Service, Technology, Culture, Social and Health Care and Nature. ​Studies take 2-3 years depending on previous studies and work experience.​

  • 5 Competence Areas​
  • 40 Vocational Qualification​
  • 80 Preparatory Trainings for Competence-based Qualifications​
  • Apprenticeship Training provides unlimited number of educational opportunities​

International Lappia
Vocational College Lappia is actively taking part in projects and cooperation both in national and international level. An important objective of Lappias international activities and projects is to offer the students and staff possibilities to experience to work and study in international environments and project work.  ​Students are able to complete their on-the-job learning placement periods and studies abroad.​ Students, teachers and other experts from abroad enable the international atmosphere and learning in the college and northern working life.​ Lappia’s staff is very motivated and some of them very experienced in international projects and operations of VC Lappia, hence motivating also the students’ participation into these project is guaranteed.