Mai Järvinen

Hello, I am Mai Järvinen and I teach Business at Luovi Vocational School since 2019. My background is in Process Industry and that’s also the area where I started my career as a teacher. Environment and sustainability are still close to my heart. I have made my career in b to b sales, solving my customers problems with appropriate technology or service. I have also participated in two start-ups in their early stage. I have always had a great interest in languages and culture. I travel a lot and speak English, French, Spanish, German and Swedish. In my free time, I go to art exhibitions and other cultural events and sing in a choir. I also do many kind of sports, especially I love sailing and skiing.

I’m curious and open to new ideas. Two years ago I became beefarmer and started my own business. My working partner describes me to be innovative problem solver. I enjoy very much teaching entrepreneurship, because there you can combine all areas of business studies and use creativity. I also find that entrepreneurial thinking is a good skill for every student.