NSCC, Canada

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The Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC – www.nscc.ca) was established in 1988 by the Government of the Province of Nova Scotia in Canada, as a publicly funded post-secondary institution. NSCC programs have strong ties to industry and employers, professional associations, non-profit organizations, and other segments of the community. Full-time, online and customized training programs are offered through five academic schools: Access, Education, Language; Business and Creative Industries; Health and Human Services; Technology and Environment; and Trades and Transportation:

  • Access, Education, Language:
    • Adult Learning Programs & English for Academic Purposes
  • Business and Creative Industries:
    • Business, Creative and Digital Media, Culinary and Tourism & Entrepreneurship
  • Health and Human Services:
    • Health and Wellness & Social and Community Supports
  • Technology and Environment:
    • Engineering Technologies, Environment, Sustainability and Natural Resources, IT and Data Analytics & Surveying, Mapping and Geomatics
  • Trades and Transportation:
    • Construction and Manufacturing, Marine, & Transportation:

NSCC works actively with industry and commercial sector partners to design programs that meet workplace demands and industry standards. Currently, more than 140 Programs (one-year and two-year) are offered at 14 campuses to approximately 10,500 full-time and 15,000 part-time students. In addition to the provision of education for high school graduates, emphasis is placed on learning opportunities for mature students returning to the workforce or changing their careers. NSCC is the primary apprenticeship training provider in Nova Scotia.

NSCC International (https://international.nscc.ca/) is the conduit through which the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) participates in international projects and activities around the world and at home. Creating international learning opportunities for students and employees is an essential element of NSCC’s vision to transform lives and communities through learning.

In support of this vision, NSCC International focuses on the following activities:

  • International Learning Programs: student and employee engagement in international learning programs at home and abroad that enhance global awareness and employability skills;
  • Technical Assistance (TA) Projects: externally funded international projects with international partner institutions that create opportunities for employees and students to share their expertise and learn in an international context; and
  • International and Immigrant Student Experience: building capacity at NSCC to create welcoming communities, enhance the international and immigrant student experience and on campus international learning opportunities for NSCC students and employees.

NSCC’s geographic areas of focus (Andean South America, Caribbean, East Africa, European Union, Southeast Asia) are aligned to those of Nova Scotia and the Government of Canada/Colleges and Institutes of Canada.

Creating international learning opportunities for students and employees is an essential element of the College’s vision to transform lives and communities through learning. This approach contributes to NSCC’s mission of building Nova Scotia’s economy and quality of life through education and innovation, and also supports provincial goals of increasing global competitiveness and fostering welcoming communities for immigrants here in Nova Scotia.

NSCC International’s Vision is one in which NSCC students and employees will have a strengthened world view developed through experiential international learning opportunities at home and abroad. Further, NSCC International’s Vision is one which sees NSCC play an important role in fostering cultural and attitudinal change in Nova Scotia to create welcoming communities for immigrants.