Tradium, Denmark

Tradium College is situated in the heart of Denmark – half an hour’s drive from Denmark’s second-largest city, Aarhus.

The college is an educational institution offering a broad spectrum of youth educations as well as continuing education activities and commercial activities. We offer more than 20 VET educations, theoretical studies aiming for higher education, professional competence for adults and tailored training for entrepreneurs and companies.

Tradium is a large educational provider in Denmark, as we have appr. 2800 fulltime students, corresponding to many more individuals – maybe around 10-15.000 students every year. We are appr. 450 Tradium employees.

Tradium has a very good connection to the labour market and the companies in the region. All our VET  programs, have the dual system, which means, we have a systematic contact with the companies and know the needs of the labour market very well.

At our City Campus in the city of Randers, we run a dormitory which is also available for international students. The dormitory offers shared double rooms with a private bath, and connected to the dormitory is a canteen offering full board meals.

Tradium has been involved in international activities for many years – in mobility projects and projects for innovation and partnerships, among others. In 2016 the Erasmus+ Mobility Charter was granted to Tradium, and in 2021 we got the Erasmus accreditation. The college would now like to expand our mobility strategy to foreign continents as well.