Country information

Canada Denmark Finland The Netherlands
Capital  Ottawa Copenhagen Helsinki Amsterdam
Population 38 million 5,8 million  5,5 million 17,5 milion
Area km² 9 985 000 km² 43 000 km²+ Faroe Island and Greenland 338 000 km² 41 500 km²
Neighbor countries USA, France (St. Pierre et Miquelon), Russia Germany, Norway and Sweden   Sweden, Norway, Russia Germany, Belgium
Languages English and French Danish  Finnish, Swedish, Sami Dutch
Currency Canadian Dollar  CAD Danish kroner DKK Euro EUR Euro  EUR
Form of government Democratic Constitutional monarchy Republic  Monarchy
Main industries Forestry, fishery, oil and gaz, agriculture, maple syrup, technology Wind turbines, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, food processing and construction  Metal, electronics, forestry  Agricultural and horticultural sector, the service sector and international trade.
Popular sports Hockey Football,  handball,  cycling and badminton  Ice hockey, cross country skiing Football, Ice skating
Famous people Sidney Crosby (NHL), Celine Dion (Singer) H. C. Andersen, Jørn Utzon, Karen Blixen. Micheal Laudrup  Kimi Räikkönen Formula 1 driver, Jean Sibelius composer Max Verstappen (formula 1), Johan Cruijff (football hero), Vincent van Gogh (painter) 
World famous characters Paw Patrol, Anne of Green Gables Little Mermaid Santa Claus, Moomins Mify
Cultural specialities Maple Syrup, Poutine,  "Hygge",  Sauna culture, tango and heavy metal music Cycling and ice-skating, Bitterballen