How to get started

If you want to establish an overseas collaboration with a VET organisation in Canada or Europe, there are a few things you should take in consideration:

  • What are the goals we want to achieve?
    • Establishing a collaboration is time consuming and traveling is expensive. Clear goals will help you to spend your time and money efficient.
  • Which region of Canada or Europe is most suitable to achieve our goals?
    • The regions in Canada and Europe have different cultures and climates. Some desk research before you start to invest might be handy.
  • How and where do I find suitable and reliable partners?
    • Visiting conferences where VET organisations meet and asking other partners (also for references) can help you finding reliable new partners.
  • Visit each other before you start cooperating.
    • People are social species. Meeting and (if possible) liking each other is a huge factor in a successful collaboration