Preparing for international life

Research your host country
Get information from travel guides, use social media to find people who study in your host country

Work on a budget
Set a realistic and optimistic budget, make room for cultural visits, nights out with new friends and remember to also budget for worst case scenarios

Arrange your accommodation
Either your host institution offers you a placement or you must find a place yourself. Do some research about the available rent types and prices in your host country.

Get your prescribed medication
Consult your doctor and get the medications you will need for the period you will be away. Remember to check the country specific limitations on medications. Always keep a doctor’s letter with you to prove that you need tat medication.

Debit card/credit card issues
You should notify your bank that you are studying abroad. Check your security settings e.g. withdrawal limits, frequency and amounts.

Emergency phone numbers
For sure you already have the phone numbers of your closest relatives and best friends. It is also recommended to save phone numbers for your host institution and embassy of your host country.