The program focused on the startup business culture in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Local entrepreneurs from a variety of businesses use community supports and agencies and entrepreneurs usually seek low financial options to start a small business and ask for assistance to support and encourage their ideas. Many established local businesses expand and grow by utilizing support organizations such as mentors, incubators and funding partners. Students gained insight on how to launch products and services and start new businesses.

This 2-week program provided insight into local business culture and discovered the support programs and organizations assisting to develop business in the province of Nova Scotia. The program was delivered from the NSCC Truro Campus.

Key Words: rural, agricultural, food and product development, art and culture, small business, incubators, farmer’s markets, start up, funding

Program_Entrepreneurship Module Overview

LO1: Work as a member in an international group, adapt to foreign culture and its features, utilizing local culture and heritage.

LO2: Use English as working language of business.

LO3: Examine the concepts, definitions, and practice of entrepreneurship.

LO4: Determine the skills, traits, and mindset essential for entrepreneurial success.

LO5: Evaluate potential business ideas and entrepreneurial activities in your field of study or your personal eco-system.

LO6: Distinguish and explore the elements of a starting, growing or maintaining a business.

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