Green construction

The focus of the green construction mobility in Danmark was the different insolation options when building. The students were introduced to the building codes and regulations in Danmark. The students built a model of a wall with different types of insulation, and then compared the advantages and disadvantages of these materials. At the end of the project, the students calculated energy loss and the CO2 footprint of these materials.

There was a lot of hands-on work in this project. It was not necessary to have experience in using carpentry tools, but it would have been an advantage if they have used them before.

This two-week program was hosted by Tradium technical campus Blommevej, in Randers, Danmark.

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LO1: Work as a member in an international group, adapt to foreign culture, utilizing local culture and heritage

L02: Use English as a working language and learn some phrases in Danish

LO3: Participate in practical learning environments around energy efficient construction

LO4: Identifying typical obstacles to avoid leakage in construction

LO5: Handle building materials correctly when building airtight

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