The hospitality sector was chosen according to have a good match of professions in the participating colleges, and to the industry’s interest and willingness to support the project. Hospitality needs a lot of employees. In Lapland the seasonal workers are from many nationalities. And the industry is growing still.

The scope of the module was four weeks studying time. In this project it was piloted as blended mobility i.e., half of the studies will be face-to-face training and the other half e-learning. Face-to-face training was in Muonio, Finnish Lapland, perception of Hospitality in Lapland.

The module was built according to ECVET criteria. It means that the learning outcomes will be clearly described, their assessment criteria and procedures are agreed and validation and recognition processes in all partner colleges are clear. Each partner country validated and recognized the module and then decided the scope in each student’s study plan.

Networking with foreign students increased the key competences and international abilities and self-confidence to participate and express themselves in international situations and further in working life. Impacts were relevant also to the staff of the colleges; thus, their professional competencies and the education methods of the college will be developed.

The module was piloted as a blended learning activity which means that it included also pre- and post-work. Pre-work: learners worked in a common electronic learning environment and attend on-line meetings and lessons by Teams. The work online enabled the preparation for the course and moreover, and which is important, participants became familiar with each other and networking themselves as a functional team. The post-work: the participants evaluated their working and achievements during the course. Their feedback of the LTT activities gave valuable information for the constant improvement process to make to the study module preferable.

The transferability of the piloted modules and learning activities was a focus point for the partners in the network to create a model for mobility between European and Canadian partners.

This module was tested in Vocational College Lappia, Muonio unit, Finland during 9.-27.5.2022.

Program of Hospitality LTT >

LO1: Work as a member in an international group, adapt to foreign culture and it ́ s features, utilizing local
culture and heritage

L02: Use English as working language and know some phrases and idioms of Finnish

LO3: Know good customer service in international environment

LO4: Understand nature and its’ products as a driving force in tourism industry

LO5: Guide tourists safely in nature

LO6: Work outdoors and cope with the nature according to permits needed and everyman ́ s rights

LO7: Identify and systematize different species of Arctic wild herbs, berries, mushrooms and fish

LO8: Identify, pick up, collect, sort and process natural products according to quality requirements and
right collection season, using the appropriate tools and working methods.

LO9: Understand the importance of hygiene in collecting and processing natural products

LO10: Further process the natural products as herbs, berries, mushrooms and fish for food or other

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