Travelling to Canada

Traveling to Canada offers a unique cultural experience and a chance to explore different landscapes. Canada is full of natural wonders, history, and culture, making it an adventurous destination who those who visit the country.

Canada’s vast territory stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean offering a variety of natural wonders and cultures. To those loving the outdoors, Canada won’t disappoint with opportunities to ski, fish, hike, kayak, snowshoe, mountain bike, surf and more. Major cities such as Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto attract people interested in cafes, restaurants, museums, nightlife etc.

Welcome guide
This Welcome travel guide can help you with essential pre-travel inspiration. The travel guide has practical information, useful insights and recommendations regarding traveling abroad.

Transportation options from airports to train stations, accommodations, restaurants, navigating around a new town, weather and inspiration for excursions, are just a few of the subjects that can be in your next welcome travel guide.