Want to go for international mobility overseas?
Thinking about how to get started?

Bridge the Ocean toolkit is the right answer. It aims to help VET providers to start and carry out mobility and further collaboration between European and Canadian VET organizations.

Here you can learn for example more about

  • education systems, especially vocational education and training
  • internationalization strategies
  • learning in different environments

Besides, you can have a look at best practices of mobility and collaboration. There is also information on practical things when organizing a mobility overseas. You can benefit from materials for preparation for mobility, both students and staff members.

In our Bridge the ocean info center you can ask a question and find answers to frequently asked questions. And before going, check the dos and donts section.

Enjoy your trip

Heading to Canada or Europe?

If you want to establish an overseas collaboration with a VET organisation in Canada or Europe, here are a few things you should take in consideration.

Good to know

In this section you will find a lot of useful information about funding of overseas mobility both for Canadians and European students and staff members. You can also learn more about internationalisation strategies and recognition of studies in partner countries, Finland, Canada, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Getting ready to go

You’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime but there are a few things you need to do before you take off.

Bridge the Ocean

Over a three-year period, forty vocational training professionals were involved in building a bridge between Europe and Canada. Together, we created three study modules that we piloted. The modules were attended by more than fifty students who received a great opportunity to learn in an international group.

Anything to ask? How can we help?